sobota, 29 czerwca 2013


Today I saw Mr. Jan A.P. Kaczmarek

having a walk on the Old Town (he is a Polish composer who has written music for over 50 films including 'Finding Neverland' with Johnny Depp (2005) for which he won an Academy Award).

I guess he is here for good fun, good rest, great cuisine - and working. In August there will be his second Transatlantyk Festival.

On the newspaper I saw some photos of him dancing on the Wolności (Freedom) Square, where these days one can participate in concerts and many interesting events. Many of them are there on the occasion of the Malta Festival

I used my time to have a glimpse on the Old Town Square and some events connected to the Day of Patrons (St.Peter and St.Paul) and the St. John's Market

and then headed for the Wolności Square to simply have some rest :)

A lot is going on in Poznań these days and it's all worth seeing. Have fun!

niedziela, 23 czerwca 2013

BONBON CAFE. Lollipop workshops

Visiting new places has always been a thing that keeps my brain awake. 
Otherwise I feel like a bear in the late autumn...

What about Bonbon Cafe'?

I've heard various opinions (not many though as it's a new place, 3 weeks only or so). Yes, this definitely makes me think it's a MUST to see and decide myself :)
My husband is not a big fan of sweets, yet I decided to take the whole family there for the Father's Day.
Colorful - and not pink (like most places for babies). 

Tasty. Great staff. Delicious, selfmade cakes.
Owners - two young ladies with great sense of aesthetics and humour.

Children with open mouth watched them creating lollipops. Hot - very hot sugar is not a thing to be touched by kids. Pity - they'd love to do it themselves, not only watch. But the "Lollipop fairies" knew that there are other ways to involve kids in the game.

Apart from cyclic workshops and bookreading they also offer great coffies and a pleasant playground for kids.

I totally like the interior: fresh, new, with good ideas. It shows that you don't need to spend a fortune to create a place where people feel really well.

Wish you luck, Bonbon Cafe!

sobota, 15 czerwca 2013

PLATINUM PALACE RESIDENCE. Sushi for Kids workshop

Sushi used to seem a thing for adults  mostly - by now!

Elegant, fragile, sophisticated pieces coming from Japan - and kids? Noooooo....

But managers from the Platinum Palace Residence decided to risk and try.
The result was fabulous although products used were not as in original recipies: rise, banana, strawberries, nutella, yummy!!!

When the specialties were ready - also parents could try:

Tummies full - time to have fun!
Animator decided to choose some exercises and games using Japanese elements

Villa Platinum Palace Residence although not in the centre is a great place to stay: "amazing athmosphere of a historic Villa, where classical architectural patterns were transformed into a language of modern interior design. We managed to make it by simple means like material and colour".
Surrounded by trees, but still lying by a busy route. Near Arena which often hosts concerts and other events.
Worth visiting :)

czwartek, 13 czerwca 2013

PARK STARY BROWAR. Tai chi & zumba workshops

My parents are physically very active persons - my memories connected with their professions (choreographer and physiotherapist) made me always search for new pleasant ways to move, like dancing or swimming.

Therefore it made me happy to know that Shopping, Arts and Business Center Stary Browar organizes for the whole summer sport workshops: joga (on Tuesdays), tai chi (on Wednesdays) and zumba (on Thursdays).

We went to check it with 4-year-old Amelia. Since it's only the first week and not so many people know, the group was not that big. But it was great fun and positive energy! The little girl's eyes were wide with astonishment and fascination.
I am quite sure it will be growing fast, as the trainers are really good.

I hope this kind of activities will grow more and more popular not only in Poznań but the whole Poland!

(photos: Stary Browar)

niedziela, 9 czerwca 2013

When it's really hot...'s good to find a place in Poznań, which makes you feel better:

a place to sit and relax (the Park near Stary Browar)

drink something refreshing (at the top of Galeria MM)

go into the green (tram stops in Poznań advertising National Forests):

by the way I really like the tramstops in Poznań - they are so well taken care of!

and last but not least... check the water in fountains!

niedziela, 2 czerwca 2013

KÓRNIK. Celebrating flowers

May and June are those beautiful months when you smell the sweetest scents of flowers and listen to birds searching for their other halves.
Then - why not going to visit one of the greenest places around Poznań? We did!
Kórnik - a town nearby is famous for its castle, garden and music - classical music concerts in the park.
On Sunday, June 2nd we packed our stuff and wanted to have a little picnic in the newly opened part of the park. We even managed to find an intimate place and not to be trampled down by the crowds with photocameras.

sobota, 1 czerwca 2013

Kids' Day

June 1st, we all waited for that day.

First of all we decided to use the possibility of visiting Archeological Museum with a guide, especially prepared on this day for children:

And then we went to the Old Market Square, where clowns play with children - each can have fun making big soap baloons:

Riding traditional simbol of Poznań - two goats is also fun:

Daddy knows what's the best for kids :)